Viewing your whole story...

Viewing your whole story...

Viewing your whole story...


With BodyTalk, we are looking to reveal the hidden stressors (old habit patterns, belief systems, physical tensions, scar tissue, etc.) so we can step into a much healthier state of being. In other words, we are looking to identify the details from your body's story that is holding you from the natural healing response.  So many of us go through life with a complete lack of body-mind awareness.  We look at the symptoms and that is all we see.  

Our priority focuses on the details of your story because these details are the underlying cause of dis-ease.    There are millions of stressors we experience in our lifetime, many balance and resolve themselves before symptoms are experienced (this can be attributed to the innate ability of the body to heal and adapt), but there are definitely those that weight in heavier and become causative factors to disease.  Funding them can often prove to be a daunting task especially when you feel you have tried "everything."  Further to that, sometimes what is a causative factor in one person might not influence another so that is why we need a customized approach. 

Discovering the cause...

Viewing your whole story...

Viewing your whole story...


 A great example is someone suffering from severe back pain.  So many people report that they just woke up with pain, or it came on when they just bent down to tie their shoes.  The act of sleeping is not the cause of severe back pain although it was the only thing that appeared to be happening between the time they had no pain and the time they did.  Or for the person whose pain came on with shoe tying, the act of tying the shoes appears to bring it on, but really were these the cause?

In this case example, the cause appears to be a series of events. 

1) There was an intense fight between mom and dad in fetal life - it was a surprise pregnancy and the stress of the news lead to fear, anger, and blame.
2) He came in contact with residual toxins from chemicals in childhood immunization.
3) He was bullied in school 
4) He has the stress of not having enough money to support the family
5) Last straw, was the physical strain of bending down to tie his shoe.


What is Health

Health is found when you find a balance between the two halves of the brain. The right brain and left brain bring different attributes and color to your life. The left brain brings you intellectual knowledge, analysis skills.  The right brain brings you feelings, emotions, and creativity.  The integration of the right and left brain allows for wisdom and intuition to emerge.  But when they are out of balance, you feel disconnected and can be left in a state of discomfort and suffering.  To integrate your mind, you have the opportunity to discover the walls that stand between the intellectual and emotional minds and systematically take them down brick by brick, climb or fly over them, or simply blow them up forever.    When you move past the walls of separation and reach beyond your boundaries of thoughts and feelings, you move into a new realm of peace and joy to a place where you can love yourself again. 

"The real power in healing lies in the discovery of the story behind the symptoms," says John Veltheim, Founder of the BodyTalk System.