Dr John Veltheim, the president and founder of the BodyTalk System, talks about how and why this consciousness based health care system sets itself apart from other modalities and why it is so effective. (1 of 8) 

Diagnosis is more then just a label. Dr. Velthiem discusses the need for a true and complete diagnosis that looks at the root of the problem, not just the superficial symptoms, and how The BodyTalk System achieves this. (2 of 8)  

 Dr. John Veltheim discusses Innate Wisdom and how it can be used to help identify what's going on in the body. John also explains the dynamic of becoming in tune with Innate, and the important role Innate plays in BodyTalk. (3 of 8)  

 John is exploring the different uses of intuition. (4 of 8)  

Dr. John Veltheim further describes the Intuitive Process used in The Bodytalk System. This process can be used with the innate wisdom to identify problems in the body.  (5 of 8)

Dr Velthiem discusses "manifestation" , "consciousness", "quantum mechanics" and "ipods." He further talks about how Bodytalk uses all the latest theoretical models to create a truly integrative healthcare system. (6 of 8)  

Dr Velthiem continues his talks about how Bodytalk uses the "Downward Causality" model. He further talks about the use of intuitive process in the Bodytalk System. He discusses how the Bodytalk process uses the innate wisdom of the body to prioritize how, what, when and where problems in the body should be addressed. He talks about how this allows a Bodytalk Practitioner to address issues at any and all levels. (7 of 8)  

In this video, Dr John Veltheim discusses key principles of consciousness including, standing waves, morphogenic fields, electromagnetic fields, the power of observation, probabilities, and possibilities; and how the BodyMind Complex, held together by consciousness, can effectively be treated with BodyTalk. (8 of 8)