"Body Talk sessions with Katherine Ebacher are life-changing.  My body has never felt so good or functioned at such an optimal level.  I feel like the Energizer bunny, joyfully cleaning my home (something new), and my creative juices are overflowing.  My body parts are not only communicating with Katherine,   communicating with me and I with them, and are joyfully conversing with each other.  Together we are like a beautifully orchestrated song.  I have a deep respect for Katherine and her Body Talk skills. I cannot recommend the angel that is Katherine Ebacher highly enough!"  Mary Langford, Editor  TheWriteMary.com

"That was the BEST healing session I’ve ever had and I've had a lot of them.   Thank you, Katherine!"  Writer and Consultant

"All I can say is UNBELIEVABLE!  I’ve been fighting back and neck pain pretty much my entire adulthood, as sports injuries are a consistent reminder of what I used to be able to do as a child/teenager, and what is difficult for me to do as an adult.  So many times, we look to medication to take care of this pain, or take the next step and go to the chiropractor and/or doctor. 

SAVE YOUR CO-PAY, and go see Katherine!  She was able to use the BodyTalk system to alleviate my pain in my neck, as well as my lower back.  As she mentions in her document, the pain was gone within 24 hours.  I was so amazed, I tell everyone about this amazing science Katherine performs on people."   Steve Brown, Banker

"BodyTalk with Katherine was so helpful today.  It was like a ray of light found its way inside my darkness."  Business Owner 

"Katherine always raises my energy - she is a gift!"  Banker

"Personally, I have had extraordinary results and the patients I referred have felt the same way."   Dr. J Renae Norton, Clinical Psychologist in private practice www.eatingdisorderpro.com 

"Katherine has been such a blessing to us.  I thank her for being an instrument of my daughter's healing. She has made such a difference in our lives!"  Designer

"I thank Katherine so much for the inspiring session last night and the generous gift of her time and wisdom with me!! BodyTalk is so awe-inspiring."  Teacher

 "Thank you so much for all you've done to help me clear and heal.  I'm becoming a different person right in front of my own eyes!"  Peggy Weyand, Administrator 

"I can give a great testimonial for Katherine and her gifts as she assisted my daughter through radiation for a brain tumor. "  Christine Horner

"Katherine has a special intuition and the ability to work on both the physical and mental aspects of one's life. I went to her seeking improvement for recent shoulder surgery,  After several sessions, I came out with a strong and flexible shoulder, but an even more profound appreciation and desire for pursuing human enlightenment. I'd highly recommend her for her passion, intellect, and positive spirit as well as real results seen in my situation."  John Williams, Manager

"Katherine has a knack of tuning into what's going on and what's getting in the way. She then has me participate in body activities that relieve and/or dissipate the blockages. I have experienced concrete behavioral and emotional changes as a result of my sessions and I recommend her to anybody interested in healing."  Sarah Elliston, Volunteer Coordinator

"Thank you for taking the time with me.  You really helped me see past my blind spots in a lot of different areas.  I have been thinking about success all day.  One thing I realized is that just having money isn't a success.  But having money flow to me is part of what it means to be successful.  So it's just not one thing; it's being balanced with everything: spirit, relationships, money, health, etc.  It was so much fun connecting with you :) "  Therapist

"I have been a client of Katherine’s for a few years.  Some sessions I bring her a knotted ball of “string” to address. In that, I mean I feel too bound up to get myself untangled. By the end of my session, she has not only untangled everything but has weaved it into something beautiful like a blanket or a sweater!!!! Thanks, Katherine!!!"  Sue McLaughlin,  Proprietor and Practitioner 

"I have had several BodyTalk sessions with Katherine. She is very patient, and a good listener. It is obvious that she has read widely, and she knows her material in depth. She has provided me with wonderful insights into my own healing. I highly recommend her as a BodyTalk Practitioner."  Evelyn Endris, BodyTalk Practitioner

"Katherine has treated me and several members of my family, including my son with autism, over the past 3 years.  The advanced techniques she uses have been instrumental in helping to rewire my son's brain, resulting in vast improvements in his sensory integration, social skills, and his drive to be independent.  The results of my treatments have also been amazing.  I have experienced improvements in my physical health including lowering my blood cholesterol levels, restoration of the natural balance of my gut flora, nearly eliminating my cravings for sweets, and reducing my levels of fatigue (just to name a few).  She has also helped me to identify my distorted belief systems and heal from past traumatic experiences, which has helped me to evolve into a more joyful and peaceful person.  Her services are invaluable and she is a light to the world of healing.  Irene Schulz,  Speech Therapist and Healer

"I am an engineer by trade and as such really wasn’t sure about receiving a BodyTalk treatment or how it could possibly work.  I have been living with PTSD and as such lived in a state where I was constantly confronted with trying to control the flow of emotions & as the result it was easier not to feel anything and I kept them locked inside.  As a result, I was not experiencing life.  At 52 years old, I felt that life was to be endured and that healing or feeling normal was something that just wasn’t something that was possible so I just stopped thinking about it. 

I received a BodyTalk treatment from Katherine.  Within a short period of time, the feelings began to flow and what has been locked inside (negative energy in the form of memories) is coming out, being experienced and resolved.  My life is opening up and I am experiencing it, trying new things, feeling happier and really living.  I can see a future where I will heal and know it is only a matter of time.  Katherine is a gifted healer who tirelessly works to individually understand and address a client’s issues.  For someone that that has been living with PTSD for 18 years, the BodyTalk session from Katherine and the results I have experienced were an absolute blessing."  Jim, Engineer

"Today, I woke up feeling more relaxed and happy than I have in a long time... even woke up at 7:00 am without an alarm clock after a full night of uninterrupted sleep.  Things are definitely changing for me, both neurologically, and emotionally. I have YOU to thank for so many of these changes.  BodyTalk has taken me to a deeper level of recovery than I was able to achieve via my other methods.  Your skills, compassion, and flexibility for prolonged sessions, have been essential ingredients in my recovery!!!"  Christine Graeter, Nurse and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Survivor (PTSD Survivor)

"I personally experienced Katherine's work and received relief from the symptoms I came to be treated for. I have also referred others to her and they have had the same experience. Katherine's natural intuition coupled with her professional skill are a winning combination for healing."  Doris Hoskins, Minister


 1. One person had the kind of lower back pain that makes it impossible to get out of bed.  We found his kidneys were overreacting with the fear of his dad's recently diagnosed cancer.  We linked his kidneys to his heart with the focus on his personal fearful feelings of mortality at ever leaving his own children without a father.  We tapped that out and in 10 min he was walking around and had no more pain...and it never came back.  

2. One client had what she termed debilitating depression, which I found was a mix of 4 different emotions together in one complex knot (not just sadness as it would seem from the overwhelming tears).  She had grief over her child going off to college, she had guilt/fear over a difficult decision early in life, she had anger at her husband and she had worry about money.  We released each one slowly by lightly pulling each strand of emotional string out separately and releasing the charge in each.  When she came back for her next session, she was not only out of bed and doing things around the house again, she had signed up for a 6-week class to discover her passion in life.  What a recovery!     

3. One woman came for healing in many aspects of life and after about 6 months of treatments, she lost 40 pounds and started exercising every other day.  The transformation was beautiful.  

4. Another woman came to BodyTalk because of insomnia.  After 3 sessions, she actually fell asleep on the table during the session and had the most amazing dream.  She started sleeping every night since then.  

Another client had severe abdominal pain and was losing weight.  We discovered that despite her drinking water all the time, it was not being absorbed in the small intestines and they were extremely backed up with no ability to get the nutrients out of the food she was eating.  We did a hydration treatment for the small intestine and linked it to the large intestines to encourage the movement of the mass that was causing her pain. She coupled BodyTalk with a colon cleanse and the severe pain was released.  

5. One client had groaning back pain in his mid-back and we did a "back spring" technique to release the tension in the spine and before we even finished the session (less than 5 min), he said the pain was gone!   

6.  One woman had abdominal pain, thinking it was an ulcer.  Instead, we released an emotional block stuck in the diaphragm.  The diaphragm has the role of processing emotions and releasing them into the digestive system. Once that emotional energy was moved, she had a good bowel movement and the pain was gone.