This short video below from the Founder of the BodyTalk System, Dr. John Veltheim, will teach you why and how to do a simple but effective BodyTalk treatment.  Brain Balancing  (Cortices Technique)  can be done one or more times per day for optimal health by rewiring the brain and bringing you into a sense of peace & relaxation.  

BodyTalk can relieve the stress of anxiety and depression & reduce the effects of daily life.  Try the brain balancing technique to begin your healing. 

You have the opportunity to do this Cortex Treatment on yourself every day to improve your mental, physical and emotional health before, after and in-between traditional BodyTalk treatments. 

The Cortices Technique is the core of BodyTalk and is one of the most powerful gifts you can give yourself today!

Cortices Technique - Partner Demonstration

This video gives you more background on the Cortices Brain Balancing Technique so you can understand more specifics about the brain and see how to do it on someone else.


Additional Information

The brain is the core of the human body it controls the way the body communicates with all its various parts. This, in turn, controls our amazing healing abilities. When the brain's function is compromised the body cannot properly heal.  But when it is functioning effectively, we experience real wellness at all levels of mind, body, and spirit.

The Cortices Technique allows for increased brain function and connectivity between all the parts of the body. Since the body communicates using electricity and quantum energy this technique has an amazing effect on the body by allowing the body to reconnect broken or overloaded circuits. The technique is has been demonstrated by EMS Response teams to bring trauma patients out of shock when at the scene of accidents. The basic idea is to hold the point of injury and to perform the technique on the patient. This has the effect of allowing the body to address the injury and to do what is necessary. In the case of a trauma victim they could be bleeding to death and the brain is so overloaded that it doesn't send the healing instructions to clot the blood. The victim then dies due to the fact that the body can't respond. By performing the Cortices Technique on the patient the Brain is able to address the problem and allow the body to engage in the healing crisis and to clot the blood. If you ask any EMS worker they will tell you that the first thing they need to do is to address shock in a patient. You can use this technique in any situation: mental or physical. You'll see amazing results!

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